The EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is the result of a collaboration by ten business schools located in important world cities and regions intended to enrich our respective students’ educational experience. Our underlying philosophy is that by offering a global portfolio of geographically focused programmatic alternatives, our students can confront the reality of doing business in vastly different settings in ways that reinforce previous learning and experiences and provide an important global perspective on business innovation, critical in today’s environment. By living in and learning from different markets, teachers, colleagues, companies, government institutions and cultures, even if for only a relatively short period of time, the senior executives in our EMBA programs attending the Consortium will experience a paradigm shift that will serve them well for years to come.

Participation in this Consortium offers a number of significant benefits to our Executive MBA students that go beyond those obtainable in a traditional MBA program offering.

For example:

1. Students will profit from direct, in-depth observation of a different business environment and from exposure to major international companies based in distinct geographies with skills and capabilities derived from a different institutional and resource base.

2. The international modules will contain materials that emphasize a specific area of expertise, industrial focus, and geographic characteristics that each partner school brings to the consortium based on their own expertise and which includes conferences, panel discussions and corporate field trips conducted by each institution.

3. Participants will gain from close interaction with the best minds from industry, government, and academia in important countries in the global economy.

4. Perhaps more important is the opportunity to learn from and network with Executive MBA students from other schools and nationalities in an intensive work and social environment.

This week-long program provides executive MBA students with in-depth exposure to the experiences of businesses in different parts of the world as they cope with new challenges from local and global competition. The focus is on innovation in terms of business models and not just technology. The program is a value-added component to the standard MBA curriculum that goes beyond the content of traditional functional courses and electives. We aim to broaden the participants understanding of global and competitive issues and to enrich the content of the partners’ respective programs.

Because the Consortium program is open to our schools’ EMBA alumni (on a space available basis), participants can benefit from such rich exposure to different parts of the world. Our EMBA students who participate in multiple years can sharpen their understanding of global competition and opportunities in a dynamic and cumulative fashion.

Latest News

MIRBIS Institute received 4 Palmes of Excellence in Eduniversal latest International Ranking

The Ranking is based on a survey of deans of foreign business schools and based on the international influence of the business school itself.  MIRBIS took the 3rd place in Russia after St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University.

"MIRBIS Institute once again took a high position in the Eduniversal International ranking of business schools. This year, we have taken the 1st place in Russia in the category 4 palmes of excellence, with 26% more votes than last year. This shows the recognition of our business school in the international market of business education and progress in improving the quality of education provided by our business school", said Rector of MIRBIS Institute Maxim Zhivaev.

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