The International Module at MIRBIS -The Moscow International Higher Business School

The Russian module explores the dynamic Russian economy, its unique culture and market opportunities. The core of this module focuses on the Real Face of Russia with a special focus on opportunity areas in a transitional economy. The experience comes alive through visits to different locations that illustrate Russia’s diversity. Participants gain an appreciation for the challenges the country faces in the economy as a whole.

Today Russia is the country where system changes are taking place. The country’s economic pattern is being transfigured - from a raw material economy to an innovative one; partners are being replaced, areas of interest and investment targets are shifting. On the one hand, all this becomes a great challenge. On the other, there is a huge potential for cooperation, investments and development. The Russian market today can be attractive for various industries.

The economic and political systems are going through serious alterations - the country is getting aware of its way of development. It may become a unique market, which incorporates priority development territories, innovation clusters, opportunities to introduce new products and make new partnerships. Searching for the potential areas of international business development, the Arctic project, opportunities in different industries – all these lines have a potential for development and good perspectives for launching new partnership projects.

During the International module, the participants will learn about the main areas of Russia’s innovative development and will have a chance to explore opportunities of entering a new emerging market and to study the Russian model of innovative development that is currently shaping up.

Marksistskaya st., 34
Moscow, Russia 109147

Maria Guseva
Program Manager

Companies are facing disruptive changes in their business environment. Digital technology plays a major role in them, but geopolitical surprises, shifts in consumer behavior and many other factors add to it. The programme considers what drives disruption, what kind of business model transformation is needed to anticipate it or at least successfully react to it. 

Firms in almost all industries have conducted a number of initiatives to explore new digital technologies and to exploit their benefits. This frequently involves transformations of key business operations and affects products and processes, as well as organizational structures and management concepts. Companies need to establish management practices to govern these complex transformations.

While many companies are experimenting with digital transformation, success stories have shown that the enhanced competitive positioning of successful firms does not depend solely on the technologies they adopt, but, more importantly, builds on the strategies that their leaders deploy. Nonetheless, there is still a wide gap between executives’ intentions and the realization of successful digital transformation initiatives and the consequent need to demonstrate the embedded strategic considerations. To help managers through the formulation and implementation of their firms’ digital transformation strategies, integrating the entire coordination, prioritization, and implementation of digital transformations within a firm.

Innovations in business strategies shift from platform-based business models to data-driven innovations – posing a significant disruption. Our International Week explores how companies in any industry can leverage innovative solutions to transform themselves. The course 
is designed to understand the requirements of the industries while providing a stimulating analysis and overview of diverse and creative business practice.

The International module combines lectures, workshops, networking and culture components. Lectures and seminars will take place both in MIRBIS Business School and in modern office premises. Company visits, meetings, networking and the culture program are aimed at widening participants’ view of Russia as a country of boundless partnership opportunities, a territory of development of entrepreneurial and social innovations, technological breakthrough and abundant cultural and historical heritage.

As a part of the culture program, the participants will go on excursions to Red Square, the Kremlin and around the historical center of Moscow. They will visit the famous Tretyakov gallery of Russian paintings with an art expert as a guide. The participants will be offered to visit a Space Museum and a choice of optional themed excursion on Saturday. In addition, the students will benefit from some free time to visit those places, which arouse their personal interest.

The image of the city combining the imperial, Soviet and modern periods, dynamically developing and looking for new perspective directions and projects will remain in your heart and will stimulate searching for new opportunities of personal development, as well as for development of business and society.

You will:

  • learn how traditional strategies can be modified and adapted by technology-oriented businesses. 
  • acquire fresh perspective on new technological tools and commercialize radical technologies that might be brought into the organization.
  • get tools and knowledge to successfully lead product development , develop technology roadmaps.
  • learn how can you make your company / product / service more relevant in this rapidly shifting landscape.
  • learn where to allocate your budget and how to measure performance.
  • learn what it takes in terms of mind-set and capabilities to become an innovation leader.
  • demonstrate knowledge in each of the primary functional areas of business.

Our initiative accelerate sustainable innovation. The programme is designed to help students (entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, directors, TOP managers and all players) discover and connect with the key companies, trends, and people in the innovation ecosystem. It aims to foster innovation in the companies of participants to catalyze investment to support the development and commercialization of solutions to protect its global mission. This programme gives the knowledge and tools you need to manage, change, design and implement effective innovation processes and lead the people around you to success.   

Program at glance (PDF)

Saturday, September 14: 
Arrival to Moscow and Welcome Dinner 

Sunday, September 15:

9:00 - 10:00 Lecture on Russian culture

10:00 - 18:00 Bus excursion around Moscow and visiting the Red Square, the Kremlin, the Armoury Museum, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

18:30-21:30 Culinary Master Class ELEMENTary kitchen

Monday, September 16:

MIRBIS Institute


Welcome and Introduction to MIRBIS


Lecture and Q&A session:
"Cross-cultural communications" 
Prof. Fyodor Fedorov, 
Executive Director of the School of Business



Lecture and Q&A session:

“Managing international company. Strategy, corporate financing, values, competition, investments, board of directors. Macro- & micro- levels. New challenges & opportunities ” Prof. Vassily V. Milykh

Company Visits


Technopark Skolkovo LLC

БЦ АмальтеяМеждународный Медицинский Кластер - клиника Хадасса МедикалТехнопарк СбербанкЦОД СбербанкНТЦ ТатнефтьНИЦ BoeingНИЦ R&D РЕНОВАГиперкубSkoltech – ДЦ Matrex

Samocat Sharing, Medicalsoft, VR-капсула, Made In Skolkovo; Sk BioLab; Motorica; other related residents.

Tuesday, September 17: 

MIRBIS Institute

09:00 – 10:00

Brief review and discussion

Networking hour


Lecture and Q&A session: 
“Artificial Intelligence: implications for business strategy. Business innovations” 
Fred Ledbetter


Lecture and Q&A session:
“Innovation profile and competitiveness of Russian enterprises: on the issue of knowledge-driven performance in business models”
Prof. Anna Dodukina

Company Visits:



Wednesday, September 18:

MIRBIS Institute  

09:00 – 10:00

Brief review and discussion

Networking hour

Lecture and Q&A session:
“Digital transformation” 
Prof. Eugene Solomatin 
Programme Director IT&Telecom

Lecture and Q&A Session: 
"Investment and growth opportunities in Russia"
Nikita Bykov
General director AUTOMAMA

Company Visits:

14.00 - 17:00

VW, Audi city

17:00 – 20:00

Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) - Acceleration of internet projects, meeting with the company’s management - 

Thursday, September 19: 

MIRBIS Institute

09:00 – 10:00

Brief review and discussion

Networking hour


Lecture and Q&A session:
“Innovations in Procurement & Supply Chain”
Ani Tonyan


Lecture and Q&A session:
“Digitalization of the Economy as key to the Success in the Changing World. Trends & changes”
Prof. Sergey Chernikov

Company Visit:



“The structure of teams”  Vice-President HR
“Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics at Mail.Ru Group"
"Personal email transformation in the age of digital business"


Friday, September 20:  
MIRBIS Institute 

09:00 – 10:00

Brief review and discussion

Networking hour


Lecture and Q&A session:
Leigh A.Soutter
Stanford, CA
Open session with MIRBIS EMBA & MBA



Projects & Feedback session

16:00 – 18:00
Moscow brewing company

Online questionnaires

19:00  Closing dinner & Certificates awarding procedure 

Saturday, September 21: Free Day. Excursions - optional
Space Museum
Old Arbat (souveniers), Izmailovo Kremlin or any other place (please review spots mentioned at Calendar of Events)

Return Flights


14-21 September is a pre-exhibition period. Please book hotel in advance.
Vorontsovskiy Hotel 
Distance: 5 minutes walk from MIRBIS

Room Fees:
Standard (STD)
 - 6000 rub.
Standard superior (STT) -  6400 rub.
Studio (JLD) -  9000 rub.
Аpartment (APP) - 12600 rub.
mention group ID: MIRBIS EMBA
Breakfast is included. Free banya (bathhouse) until 2PM

Transportation: Metro Station: Krestyanskaya Zastava or Proletarskaya


 Holiday Inn Simonovsky 

Distance: 10-15 minutes walk from MIRBIS

Room Fees: $100 - $200 per person
Breakfast and VAT is included. 
Transportation: Metro station: Krestyanskaya Zastava or Proletarskaya

For booking please follow the link

* Prices on the weekend or during exhibitions might be different.

Month of September 2019:

September 11, 2019 to September 13, 2019 - Russian Business Aviation Exhibition / RUBAE 2019

is the only specialized exhibition of business aviation in Russia and the CIS. Among the regular participants of the event are the world's leading manufacturers of aircraft and helicopters, such as Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna, Dassault Aviation, AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter and many others, as well as well-known operators of business aviation and providers of related luxury services.


Museums and Art

ARTPLAY - As a specialized business and shopping center in the area of architecture and design, ARTPLAY Design Center brings designers, architects, design engineers, and suppliers and distributors of furniture, lighting, ceramics, finishing materials and specialized equipment together on its territory, involving them in a mutually beneficial cooperation with each other. To date, at ARTPLAY there are over 300 architectural offices, design studios and showrooms offering its customers and clients a full range of products and services in the area of construction and repair of objects of any complexity from a typical Moscow apartment to a European-level country village.

ARTPLAY Center also has welcomed young Moscow galleries, artist workshops, cafes, bars, bookstores, a music club, a school of design, a cinema, a children's art studio and others.

ARTPLAY's separate fast-developing line of activity is associated with the implementation of large-scale cultural and exhibition projects, including international ones, making the Center a bright point on the tourist map of Moscow.

Today ARTPLAY Design Center's exhibition space includes three exhibition halls which regularly host exhibitions of contemporary art, video art festivals, alternative music concerts, performances, film screenings, lectures and master classes. In September 2011, ARTPLAY opened two new exhibition halls which became the main platform for IV Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Design centre/art cluster - Although it’s three times smaller than Artplay, Flacon (“design factory”) is still a cool place to visit beyond the city centre. Housed in a former perfume factory, it’s now home to lots of clothing shops, creative studios, co-working spaces and a loft which is used for all kinds of events.

Gorky Park (Epicentre of life) - It's like the turning of Cinderella into a princess. Just two years ago this was a deserted park. Today it’s the most popular and busiest public space in Moscow where people of all ages and incomes come to spend their time. Due to its gigantic size, many diverse events are simultaneously hosted here throughout the year.

Bunker 42 Museum (Museum of Cold War) - One of the most famous museum among tourists in Moscow. It is the huge military and historical museum and the cultural entertainment complex created on one secret object of the USSR. Also there all this is located at a depth of 65 meters, representing, really, something improbable.

Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (For classical music lovers) Not only is Moscow Conservatory one of the most prominent music universities in Russia, but it’s also a concert venue. In the conservatory building there are five halls where live classical concerts are held.


Russian Kremlin (The Kremlin in Izmailovo) - It is the unique centre of culture and entertainment, based at the famous Vernissage in Izmailovo. Creative individuals of any age can learn a new craft in pottery, smithy, workshop for baking and painting cakes, soap-, shop rag toys.

Tsaritsyno Homestead (Picturesque palace) - Reserve Tsaritsyno is a fantastic place to spend the whole day. It’s a picturesque palace ensemble with huge surrounding forests and lakes. The opening hours differ for the museums and palaces. Free entrance to the park. Museum entrance RUB 30-300.


Entertainment, Food, Recreation, Shopping and Sports - shopping mall


Hachapuri - Here you can experience a complete Georgian meal including hinkali, shashlyk, soups and delicious hachapuri! They also serve tarragon and clementine homemade lemonade. It’s a cosy place with simple interiors suitable for adults and kids. There's even a special children’s menu.  Besides the food, they also organise events with a ram called Tolik takes centre stage. Tolik lives in a small shed by the restaurant – you can take pictures with him and feed him spinach. Tolik is one of the examples of a fantastic marketing campaign in Moscow. There are also backgammon competitions for adults. To sum up, non-culinary life here is bursting!

Ketch Up Burgers The style, trend and concept of KetchUp Burgers is more London than American. This format is universal for any metropolis, without any specific reference to a particular geographical location. It's the perfect atmosphere for business meetings, for spending time quality time with friends or a casual and comfortable lunch with family.

Mendeleev Bar is speak easy type of bar with the author’s cocktail menu from the famous russian mixologist Roman Milosteviy. Secret entrance is located in a tiny noodle shop “Lucky Noodles”. No table reservation, No guest list , No bouncer just Face-control.
The bar is a cocktail bar, so a very first thing to do, after passing strict face control, is to try and assess the fascinating work of the local mixologists, who are most of the specialist in absinte and cocktails based on absinthe.



 Fred Ledbetter

Commercial growth executive with significant success in driving business strategy and technology commercialization for global hi tech, Internet and wireless industries, high tech early stage and turn arounds. Currently AI, blockchain, mobile data, waste to energy (W2E) advisor. Angel investor in blockchain. Frequent lecturer on Marketing, Commercial strategies and application of advanced technologies to solve business problems – Seattle University, University of Phoenix online, MGU Lomonosov guest lecturer, HSE guest lecturer, AmCham Marketing and Communications Committee, RBCC Business Club.

ME Computer Science – University of Colorado
MBA – University of Puget Sound
Stanford Advanced Management Program
MIT Sloan & MIT CSAIL Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy Program
MIT Sloan Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application

Areas of research are Strategic Marketing, Customer Engagement, Revenue and Profit Growth, Product Innovation and Technology Commercialization, Customer Experience.

Sergey Chernikov

Candidate of Economic Sciences, LLM Master of Law. Key competencies are international practice, economic relations in the field of international trade and conjuncture of commodity and non-commodity markets. In particular, specialization subjects: International Trade, Supply Chain Management, International Marketing, Global Consumer Trends.
Associate professor at Institute MIRBIS. Associate professor at the Department of Marketing and coordinator of international programs at the Faculty of Economics of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Visiting professor, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria, master classes and conducting courses for graduate. Curator of the master's program “International Marketing in English” at the University of Friendship of Peoples of Russia.

Vassily V. MILYKH

Results-oriented executive completed 150 projects in IT, oil & gas, real estate, forestry - US$15bn in corporate finance / investment banking / int’l management during 25 years of work as banker at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UK), Vice-president of Alfa-Bank, Gazprom, AI Investments, CSIS in Washington, DC and educated with MBA & Harvard Business School Executive Education.

Board member of 14 companies & committees (strategy, investments, development, motivation, KPI & personal balanced scorecard compensation) operating in China, Asia, Russia, USA.

Co-founder of a private investment company and established venture capital, responsible for day-to-day financial management (planning, cash flow, budgeting control, tax optimization). Perform due-diligence of proactive nature on leading Russian natural resources corporations and promote corporate finance services to identified clients. Also provided advisory services on project & trade finance, legal issues maintaining excellent relationships with a broad variety of clients.


Nikita Bykov
Mr. Nikita Bykov has more than 15 years of banking and financial services experience complemented as CEO and Management Board Director of Europlan Group (the largest independent car leasing company in Russia, captive car insurance company and car loan bank) owned by BVCP (the leading private equity fund in Russia and CIS).
After the acquisition in 2015 of Europlan Group by BIN Group (part of one of the richest family in Russia) Nikita Bykov became co-founder and CEO of Automama (used car retail chain in Russia).
Nikita Bykov is also the co-founder of Legal Art (legal firm specialized in intellectual property rights in Russia). Nikita Bykov has a graduate degree in International Economic Relations and Ph.D. in Finance from Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy and completed International Exchange Program at Copenhagen Business School.