The EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is interested in enlarging its membership to other non-competing or complementary geographic areas. Should you or your school be interested in exploring this possibility, we urge you to contact our Executive Director or any of the current members to obtain more information.

Benefits for member schools – why us?

Through the Consortium, participating schools can…

  • Increase cross-cultural contact among students and build greater awareness and understanding of global challenges so as to actively inculcate values that lead to more responsible behaviors and practice
  • Develop a simple and cost-effective solution to internationalize each school’s Executive MBA program.
  • Insert a strong experiential element into the program.
  • Provide a variety of country locations and industry focus.
  • Promote networking with peers from various nationalities in a professional and social environment.
  • Increase the differentiation and competitiveness of each school’s program in its own market area.
  • Establish the bases for other possible forms of collaboration
  • Provide an element of continuing/lifelong learning for recent alumni

Participating Schools

Bologna Business School

COPPEAD Graduate School of Business at UFRJ

Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University

ESAN Business School

Chapman Graduate School of Business at FIU

Kozminski University

Keio Business School

Munich Business School

The Lucas Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University

University of Stellenbosch Business School