International Week

Every year in September around 250 students criss-cross the globe to take part in one of the programs hosted by each of our member schools.

Experiential learning at its best.

There they meet with peers from around the world. So, for example, a participant from Japan might go to Germany and meet others from Italy, South Africa, Poland, the USA, Peru, Brazil and the UK.

Although each program may take place over just one week, its impact is long-lasting: over 90% of recent participants have said that their experience was either “outstanding” or “very good” and that they would participate again if the opportunity arises.

Every program focuses on a specific theme reflecting a regional or global challenge.

Through a mix of academic lectures and discussions, extended simulations, company visits and cultural activities, participants work together to widen their network and develop new knowledge, skills – and friends.

Examples of recent themes include:

  • Hidden Champions and Family Business in Germany: The Secrets of German Small and Medium-Sized, Family-Owned World Market Leaders (Munich, Germany);
  • Innovation and Sustainability: From commodities to a world class cuisine (ESAN, Peru);
  • Geopolitics and long-term corporate strategy: the role of business toward sustainability (Keio, Japan)
  • Poland’s renaissance, from a planned economy to Europe’s growth champion (Kozminski, Poland)

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Hidden Champions & Family Businesses


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The Future of Competitive Advantage


Innovation & Sustainability


Poland’s renaissance, from a planned economy to Europe’s growth champion

South Africa

Innovation in agriculture to ensure global food security


Supply Chains and Future Innovation


Customer Experience Management in a Digital Marketing Environment