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The Lucas Graduate School of Business

United States of America

Founded in 1928, the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business is the largest contributor of business graduates to Silicon Valley and a major contributor to what the Valley is today. Like the University in which it is housed, The Lucas College and Graduate School of Business reflects the vibrant, multi-cultural and global atmosphere of the Silicon Valley. With more than 175 faculty and 5,000 students, our college offers students global opportunities, while holding strong ties to Silicon Valley companies.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SJSU is uniquely situated to understand what it takes to succeed here and beyond. The Lucas Graduate School of Business provides a high-value, innovative, hands-on educational experience taught by highly regarded professors—many come from Stanford, Harvard, MIT and other top universities—and seasoned Silicon Valley executives. SJSU attracts a wide range of students. Some come to expand their workplace expertise. Others to study new areas for career development. Everyone brings real-world perspectives and experiences to the classroom.

SJSU scored 4.5 out of 5 stars in the new rating system for Best Colleges and still holds the #1 Most Transformative University ranking first announced in 2020. According to Gusto, the city of San José has the highest rate of new graduate hiring in the USA and is the only city where new graduates can expect to earn $100,000 or more.

San José State University is the biggest supplier of new graduates seeking employment in San José and Silicon Valley. With more than 350,000 current and former Spartans, SJSU’s transformative influence extends far beyond the downtown San José campus.

San José State University Mission

We are the institution of opportunity in Silicon Valley, educating future leaders through experiential learning and professional development in a global business community and by conducting research that contributes to business theory, practice and education.

San José State University Vision

The College powers Silicon Valley by serving the global and diverse demands of this dynamic and innovative business environment. We provide a 21st century education to enable the success of our students, employers, and the community.