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Stellenbosch Business School

South Africa

Stellenbosch Business School was the first school from an African university to hold all three international accreditations for business schools. It has been offering an MBA for 60 years – the first cohort of 14 MBA students arrived in 1964. Through the years, more programmes have been added, such as an MPhil in Development Finance in 2003. Programmes in Management Coaching, Futures Studies, Leadership and Project Management followed. Today, Stellenbosch offers world-class program to students from around the globe and has more than 30 000 alumni, many of them responsible leaders in the boardrooms of major organisations all over the world.

The business school strives to be a source of value for a better world. The school is committed to developing responsible leaders who positively impact society, and this informs everything the school does:  teaching and learning, research. In becoming stewards of society, alumni and staff have made significant impacts on business practices, public opinion, and policy formation in Africa and across the globe.

USB’s vision is to be globally distinguished as the business knowledge partner in Africa. The school has become known for its African-focused expertise in areas such as sustainable development, futures research, development finance, ethics and corporate governance, responsible leadership development, management coaching and emerging-country economics.

Stellenbosch Business School Mission

Through knowledge advancement and transformative learning, we develop responsible leaders who positively impact society.

Stellenbosch Business School Vision

Be a creator of value for a better world